About Us



The Other Side is a company dedicated to providing Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services to legal professionals and their clients.  Founded by David Helmers, a former litigator of complex cases, The Other Side can help you resolve your dispute in a manner that is more efficient than the normal legal process.  By using our services you can retain control of the outcome of your case, save time and money, and move beyond your dispute. David has been a certified mediator since 1997.


The Other Side Business Services division can assist you starting and growing your business. Whether you are a start-up, and early stage company or a mature company looking to grow, our office can help you organize, raise capital, evaluate your management and strategically plan for the future.  


Our offices are located at 110 E 3rd Street in Lexington Kentucky.  We have ample facilities capable of accommodating multiparty mediations.  In the event that additional space is needed or you require mediation services outside lexington, we are happy to assist.


The Other Side founder, David Helmers is a graduate of Rollins College with a degree in Psychology (BA ’91).  He holds a law degree from the University of Kentucky (JD ’97) and has extensive experience litigating cases.  David practiced law as a defense lawyer and by representing plaintiffs in cases. He has defended cases on behalf of hospitals, municipalities, and insurance companies.  He practiced on behalf of plaintiffs in premises liability, automobile, and complex cases - including medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability, mass tort, and class action litigation.


​David is a serial entrepreneur and have been advising and consultant entrepreneurs for over a decade.  While David has personal interests in real estate, technology, professional services and hospitality ventures, he has advised a more diverse collection of businesses enterprises ranging from non-profit social enterprises to event planning businesses.